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Welcome to PCco. Handbags

Our Uptown Collection features urban casual design with that unique PCco. look, bringing adventurous design to the workplace, around town, and for travel.

Our Original American Collection feature a strong Southwest design sensibility with inlayed vintage Navajo textile fragments combined with premium leathers and hand/card woven charms. In this collection, you'll find a whole host of shapes and functions.

The PCco Couture Collection features bags with limited production, distinctive design, and artisanal craftsmanship. Fine leathers worked with impeccable tailoring and an inspired design statement provide both business functions with high style. Pat Charley's hand painted, textured surfaces and luxurious shapes and materials stand out. Designed with inspiration drawn from first peoples around the world, you'll see the power of graphics and surface textures that inspire Pat to do some of her best work. You'll also be pleased to find that these bags are still affordable even with the artisanal attention to detail.

Our web site lists retail prices, keystone to the trade. Please inquire for more information regarding any of our bag styles. If you need to work with other margins please contact us so we might direct you to one of a kind collections or develop custom work that will not appear on our website.

What PCco can do for you

  • Prompt professional service with higher end products manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area design studio

  • Custom exclusive design for volume consumers

  • Muti-Store shipping services

  • Convenient access to most major credit cards, managed by Squarespace, a secure web site. Please note: Squarespace charges an additional service fee of 3% of your order.
  • 30 day terms for businesses with established credit. (Please send one bank reference and three vendor recommendations with a copy or your business license.) To remain in good standing all invoices must be paid within 45 days. 1.5 % per month will be charged as a late fee beyond the grace period. Any charges incurred due to collection will be the buyer's responsibility to pay.

What you can do for PCco.

to facilitate your buying experience

  • Submit a business license and one bank reference and three vendor recommendations to establish terms. When approved, net 30 terms will be offered.

  • Contact Pcco. Handbags today to discuss a selection for your business. pccohandbags@gmail.com, 510-654-7816. M-F 9-5pm Pacific Time